FAAC is known for its extensive range of high quality products and innovative manufacturing techniques, FAAC continue to engineer reliable, versatile, cutting edge automation systems, chosen for residential & commercial installations on a worldwide basis. Providing high quality automation systems for gates, barriers, doors, parking and access control products, FAAC is the leading brand in the automation market.

Heres some info on just some of FAAC products that Premier Gate Automation Ltd use:

Swing gates

FAAC provide a wide variety of Swing Gates Automation systems, they are the perfect solution for electric swing gates and range from operators that are suited to small pedestrian gates, right up to operators suited for commercial heavy duty applications on gates up to 7m per leaf.

PDF FAAC Swing Leaf Gate Operators

Electro Mechanical Swing Operators

PDF FAAC 390 Range- Electro-Mechanical Swing Gate Operator
PDF FAAC 412 Range- Electro-Mechanical Swing Gate Operator
PDF FAAC 413 Range- Electro Mechanical Swing Gate Operator

Hydraulic swing operators

PDF FAAC 400 Range- Hydraulic Swing Gate Operator
PDF FAAC 402 Range- Hydraulic Swing Gate Operator
PDF FAAC 422 Range- Hydraulic Operators for Swing Gates

Underground Swing Operators

PDF FAAC S700 Range- Hydraulic Underground Automation for Swing Gates
PDF FAAC 750 Range- Hydraulic Underground Swing Gate Automation

Sliding Gates

FAAC offer a wide range of sliding gates automation products to suit all applications from residential properties to large commercial sites. The operators for Sliding Gates are capable of moving gates up to 2,200kg.

PDF FAAC Sliding Gate Operators

Sliding gate operators

PDF FAAC 740-741 Range - Sliding Gate Operators
PDF FAAC 746 Range- Sliding Gate Operator
PDF FAAC 844 Range- Sliding Gate Operator
PDF FAAC 884 Range - Sliding Gate Operator


FAAC provide a range of reliable and resilient barrier automation. Barriers can provide added security to a site. The FAAC range of barriers are suitable for both high use car parks and FAAC also offer economical models for small sites. The automatic barriers are available with beam lengths from 2 to 7 metres.

PDF FAAC Automatic Barriers
PDF FAAC 615 Range- Hydrualic Barrier
PDF FAAC 640 Range- Hydraulic Barrier



FAAC supply:

Automatic Bollards- which work by using an access control device to activate a hydraulic system in the foundation housing; our automatic bollards have increased impact resistance due to increased security needs.

Pneumatic Bollards- which are used in areas where rapid deployment of barriers is essential, such as high traffic applications such as city bus lines where other vehicles are prohibited. Pneumatic bollards quickly retract when activated allowing access, then are deployed again using the pneumatic system.

PDF FAAC Bollards