Gate Automation

Electro-Hydraulic or Electro-Mechanical?

Electro-hydraulic equipment is generally designed for a higher duty cycle and is suitable for busy entrances and prestige gates. Hydraulic gate operators are fully serviceable and if properly maintained, will give many years of reliable service.

Electro-mechanical equipment is generally designe

d for the domestic user and has a duty cycle which suits family residences and entrances that are not busy throughout the day. Electro-mechanical systems are generally robust and reliable with a life span of 6-8 years.

Which type of Gate Operator?

Underground Gate Operators are undoubtedly the most aesthetically pleasing. Generally the more expensive option if the gates are required to open 180 degrees it is in fact the only type of automation that can be used. Drainage is essential; water ingress is the biggest problem.

Gate Mounted Swing Gate Operators are generally a more cost effective way of automating your driveway gates, with the drive pistons mounted on the back of each gate leaf.

Sliding Gate Operators are ideal when the entrance has side room but does not have the space for swing gates to open, the sliding gate mechanism and motorisation is perfect. Ranges of models are available to cope with all styles of sliding gates.

How does the Gate System operate?

Most customers opt for a remote control handset, generally kept in the car. Operating the handset opens the automated gate(s). Some systems require a second press of the handset to close the automated gates but others will be configured so that they gates close automatically, generally where the gates are keeping children or animals secure.

There are many other ways to operate the gates, ranging from a simple push button through to digital keypads, swipe cards, roadways vehicle sensors and intercoms. Every system is designed around our customers’ needs. Please call us for further information.