Swing, Sliding, Cantilever or Bi-folding?

Swing Gates

The swing gates are generally the most popular and classic type of gate. Aesthetically the swing gates are very pleasing and largely used for properties with a level ground area.

The sliding gate is most popular for restricted space. A sliding gate leaves the full length of the driveway usable for parking vehicles. When closed, the gate offers better resistance to being forced than a pair of swing gates and therefore higher security. Sliding gates will work across an upward sloping driveway where a pair of swing gates would not open inwards.

Alternatively, the cantilever system offers the same benefits of a sliding gate with the additional advantage of allowing less disruption within existing driveways.
The cantilever design means the gate is free to slide regardless of terrain.

The Bi-folding gate is available in single or double leaf operation and is designed to offer a swift and secure form of entrance control. Bi-fold gates are suitable where space is a concern. This unique design allows the gate to operate without the use of a bottom or top track thus eliminating any height restrictions and large tracks in the road.

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