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The BS-EN13241 (the safety standard for installation, testing and ongoing compliance of automatic gate and door systems) is now a legal requirement for all NEW gate and barrier installations under the Machinery Directive MD2006/42/EC. It is also a legal requirement to have safety edges installed if any changes are made to the existing gate or gate automation (ie a new piece of equipment is added or changed.)

For further information, please read the notice from the HSE, which can be found at:

BS-EN13241 Explained

BS-EN13241 in short, is the standard designed to protect the end user, from risks associated with entrapment between parts of a moving swing or sliding gate. The standard stipulates:

1. A automated swing (hinged) or sliding gate, when colliding with an obstruction, must exert a force of less than 400n before the drive unit stops due to detection of an obstacle.

2. The automated gate must then reverse to safely clear the obstruction within 0.75 seconds.

3. The entire leading edge of the automated swing or sliding gate, up to a height of 2.5m must be fitted with an active obstacle detection system.

4. The obstacle detection system must be tested and accredited to another standard, BSEN1760-2 which governs quality, durability and failure monitoring to ensure that the automatic gate will not function unless the safety system is in good working order.

In order to fully comply with this standard, we have received instruction and training regarding best practice when designing, installing and servicing automatic gate and door systems. We install safety edges to all new gate and door systems and for existing gates and doors we can design a retro-fit package to bring your site in line with the new standard.

Please be assured that with the correct site survey, risk assessment and advice from us followed by our trained engineers installing full safety devices and completing relevant safety tests, your automatic gate and/or door system will offer a high degree of safety.

Please contact us at your earliest convenience to discuss installing full safety edges on your automatic gate system in order to comply with the legal safety standards.


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